Let's Create your flag!

     "Treking Our Way" just seemed to fit the way we live. We do things like everybody else...well... sort of...well actually... NOT! We've raised our family. And we've retired from the work world of education and child care. We enjoy what we want, when we want, and how we want. We take pictures, we write, we sew and we travel.

     Ordinary folks, we are blessed to be Treking Our Way and our flag mark our place in the world. Where will your flag mark yours?

 Personalized Campsite Markers

How we work
     We operate by word of mouth on Facebook. Our best way to communicate is via the Facebook Messenger app. We can also do email, though we prefer Facebook Messenger. If you are a FB member, Instant Message Rhonda Richway Phipps to start the process.

How we create your flag
1. We take basic information for the flag (the names of people you want on it, your state, a city to highlight, your make model and color of your Roadtrek van and color of trim if van has a different color trim on the bottom.) 
2. We put it together in a design,
3. Send you a mock-up, we discuss it, make changes you like, and 
4. When you approve, you drop a Money Order, no checks please, for $44.00 to cover the flag, the postage, the packaging and the insurance. This is an increase over our original due to rising shipping, material and insurance costs on orders made after Jan. 10th, 2017.

Make your money order out to:

Rhonda Phipps
5408 Spokane St
Commerce  Township, MI 48382

5. When you tell us you mailed the money order, we can start stitching, and when it arrives, we can get the flag to you that much faster. While we do have Canadian customers, there seems to be an almost untenable delay in getting things done, delivered, cashed and shipped Internationally, which adds weeks to the process and increases the need for patience. :-(

For flag colors, white generally works with all color combinations, but we have black, tan, dark gray, light gray, brown, red, sage green and bright yellow. Lettering and design colors depend on what colors you want on the flag. White is best.

Considering order volume and knowing how much we work with you, we don't take very long at all.

When the snow flies the stitching slows or stops, as we are out chasing the sun.

We hope to hear from you via Facebook IM or email!

Happy Trails!

Rhonda and Jim Phipps

 Treking Our Way