Treking Our Way

Eventually we all viewed the Lower Tahquamenon Falls, taking pictures, sharing stories, and generally trying not to step on each others’ shoes. No one was cold. Everyone was cheerful, and it is safe to declare the First Annual Wintertime No Rules Tahquamenon Falls Roadtrek Campout Snowshoe Excursion a rousing success.

As we all maneuvered to complete our tour and loop along a new path back to camp, Rhonda’s treasured antique snowshoe binding gave up the ghost. Its long neglected leather split at a critical point and proved to be damaged beyond a simple repair on the trail. Sadly we both dismounted our shoes and joined a small group of others who chose to return the way we had come, walking on the trail packed hard by twenty snowshoe hikers.

Soon we leave for dinner at The Tahquamenon Falls Camp 33 Brewery and Restaurant to be followed by another campfire back at the campground. Life is good in the winter if you face it head on and enjoy it. Such is the nature of snow.